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I haven’t really been one for tank tops, but it’s summer and I saw this new pattern on so many body shapes. I had to try it myself! (Patterns 4 Pirates Essential Tank.)

There were some alterations. I did a pivot-and-slide FBA in the front, and then in the back I graded out significantly below the waist, and did a swayback adjustment. It’s still not perfect, but it’s so much nicer than items available in stores.

Blue linen tank - front

Blue linen tank – front

Blue linen tank - back.

Blue linen tank – back.

The purple/blue one is a linen knit, with centre front and centre back seams due to the very narrow fabric pieces I had. Scraps from Our Social Fabric! The linen didn’t have enough recovery, so I chose to use bands in a grey and black stripe cotton. I love it! There’s a little swing out in the front that could be due to the fabric, and the back could use a little more tweaking, but it’s so comfortable!

I also made an orange as a remake of a tunic length t-shirt I made to wear with leggings. I had to fudge a bit, but I’m a lot more pleased with the fit of the tee now! It’s in the laundry, so no pics today.

In other news, Me Made May was a success on my part! I have a couple knit dresses that are now loungewear, due to the knits not having enough recovery to actually be full-skirted dresses. I made a bunch of pairs of the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs (altered for a higher rise and narrower waistband) to wear under skirts and dresses, and also made a couple new dresses! The light seems pretty good in my dark apartment today, so the goal is to get a bunch of things photographed, and drafts started.


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These, I like. As I said previously, I need to add some room in the rise so they fit at the most comfortable spot on my waist. Still, they are comfy.

This is the SECOND me-made outfit I’ve worn this week! I’m so proud of myself. The last one I wore was my grey linen shorts (in the wash, so no pic yet) with an old lavender linen tunic.

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee and old Keen sandals

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

And as a bonus, here’s one of the cats. This one has been with me since he was a wee kitten that fit in my palm (I KNOW!). He’s 10 now, and is the stupidest cat I’ve ever met. Still, <3.

Holding my black cat...

Holding my black cat… (Don’t let him get away!)

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Yay! Shorts!

I realize I still have to take photos to post, but my camera battery is dead..

My grey linen shorts with slash pockets are DONE. I’m wearing them right now! I ended up deciding to go with shorts instead of plus-fours, as 1) 1.5m is not enough for me to make plus-fours without piecing and 2) bermuda shorts are more office-casual, and I’m looking for office work right now.

I’m not terribly happy with my zipper insertion, and the pockets just didn’t quite work. However, these are things that other people won’t notice, so I’m not worrying about it! I ended up unpicking the invisible zip I had in the CB seam, adding interfacing, and putting in a centred zip. The end of it is visible below shirts and blouses, as my waist-to-hip difference is quite a bit, so the zipper has to be long enough for me to get the pants off! I’m not terribly worried about it, though. The shorts fit, they’re reinforced at the seams, they’re hemmed evenly, and they are so comfortable. Linen rocks, especially when it’s a good quality linen.

Tomorrow evening I’m either making another blank canvas tee (A bit more a-line than fitted, though.) or working on my bodice block some more. A new tee to wear hiking this weekend would be nice, but I really need to get the bodice block done, so I can make some blouses for my work wardrobe. IDK.

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More pants!

Well, shorts, actually.

No pictures as of this moment, but once things are done (and maybe once my condensed courses are done in the middle of June!) I’ll upload some pictures.

I decided to see what I could do to get a rectangular gusset in a pair of shorts. I have a pair of nylon hiking pants that technically fit, but aren’t that comfy for hiking (just a little snug for those high steps!), so I measured those up and made my adjustments to my pattern.

SUCCESS! I made the gusset 5″ wide at the crotch, with a right angle at the front, and an acute angle for the back.


Yeah, like that. Kinda.

The gusset is 4″ at the knee. I added patch pockets because they’re just easier to do, in a similar style to my nylon pants. All the seams are ironed to one side, and stitched down with a single line. I didn’t feel like mucking with a double needle if these didn’t work out.

The waist band isn’t on them yet, but I’ll be putting a piece of elastic through it, as well as using stay tape in the top seam. I want to make sure these shorts don’t slide down!

From an initial try-on, they are amazing. I can hardly wait till tomorrow, when I’ll have the time to finish the waist and hem them.

The fabric is a natural linen curtain from Ikea that I purchased from the AS-IS section. Enough linen for a pair of shorts AND a skirt for $15? YEAH. I have another curtain that will probably become a pair of pants.

Looks like my colours this year are natural linen, coral and white. Not really what I was expecting, but I keep coming back to this colour combination! I should probably find a couple purple knits and whip up a couple more Blank Canvas Tees. Maybe purple stripes instead of grey? Hmm…

What I’ve done so far from my wardrobe “plan”… which it looks like I didn’t post:
– pair orange pants (<3 Wearing them again today.)
– coral (French terry) tee
– *navy plus fours (Might as well count them!)
– natural linen shorts (instead of black!)
– *purple nylon supplex hiking skirt

What I need to do:
– grey plus fours
– natural linen full length trousers (instead of black!)
– woven blouse (Have purchased a custom blouse draft!! Can hardly wait! Or maybe the Sisters of Edwardia Blouse once Steph posts my size!)
– striped tees
– *another coral tee (have fabric)
– *natural linen skirt

* denotes an extra

Optional but would be really nice:
– hiking pants (quick-dry nylon! Oh please!)
– hiking shorts (also quick-dry nylon)
– gaiters. Water proofed. (Natural linen scraps from curtains?) I have fused water resistant polar fleece ones, but they are too warm for right now. Since I’m doing field work this week I might try to get these made tomorrow, so I don’t have to wear full length rain pants.

Colette Patterns Spring & Summer Challenge

Colette Patterns Spring & Summer Challenge

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So my black linen skirt is hanging in my bedroom doorway, waiting for the bias to stretch out. It’s so tempting to sew another one right away, it looks so nice! I have red wool and a kashi lining sitting in one of my bins that would be PERFECT for a winter skirt. Too bad it doesn’t get that cold here. Mostly just dark and rainy, like today. It’s so dark again that taking pictures just wouldn’t work.

I have some light grey linen, but it’s really not a colour I like to wear. Perhaps I should pick up an iDye packet (or two) this week, and make it into a dark purple?

Teal, rust, eggplant, chocolate, gold... and where's the black or charcoal?

Teal, rust, eggplant, chocolate, gold... and where's the black or charcoal?

This happens to be the colour palette I prefer – jewel tones for winter, and brights for summer. As I make and purchase more clothing that fits the scheme, I hope to make PolyVore outfits and wardrobe plans in the style of The Vivienne Files. So cool. I put my wardrobe into PolyVore a couple weeks ago, and it’s mostly black. Kind of depressing to look at in a picture that way, but really practical and easy to wear!

I should go sew up my trouser block now.. maybe some music would help motivate me!

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