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Hello hello! I’m alive. I finished school and thought I’d have a lot of time to sew and blog, but then this confirmed night owl ended up with a contract working 7am-3:30pm. Getting up before 5am every morning is a really difficult thing to do, and I was so drained.

I ended up getting a real full-time job as a lab tech (yay! science!), and now that I’m more comfortable at work and know a bit more about what I’m doing, I actually finished something!

Yay, my Hummingbird Skirt!

It was so easy to sew, people. The only trouble I had was with the waistband, and that’s because I didn’t follow Steph’s instructions. I decided to be “smart” and make my standard waistband. Umm, no. It’s way too big because I cut it on the non-stretchy grain and thus couldn’t stretch it to subtly gather the back of the skirt like I had planned.

Oops. So that will be coming off and I’ll replace it with her waistband treatment. I’ll probably put a bit of ribbon into the seam, especially for the front, because I don’t want it to stretch much and I find my waistbands always stretch unless they’re reinforced with ribbon.

The fabric I chose to use sticks to EVERYTHING, so I’m wearing it with a slip today. Hopefully once washed I can figure something out (Maybe tack a slip into the skirt so the skirt doesn’t turn on my body? Line it when I replace the waistband?) so I can wear it more easily with leggings. I might also take in each side seam by 1/2 to 1 inch. Apparently I’ve lost weight? Wouldn’t have guessed that…

I have fabric for 3 more of these skirts waiting for me, as well as some red wool and black coat lining for a red wool half circle skirt with a yoke.

Red isn’t in my wardrobe colour plan, but it looks so good with black and charcoal, which are. I might even wear it with teal, if I find the right one to make some tops out of.

Yep, that’s my plan. Skirts and tops. I need a cardigan pattern. Maybe I’ll wait till I can order and download Sewing Cake’s Carmine pattern (you can see a small image here) once it’s released.

Sorry no pics. My place is still a disaster after hiking this summer. I am still working through reorganizing everything so it’s accessible for any potential sunny weekends coming up!


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School has taken its toll. I haven’t been sewing much at all, and I also haven’t felt up to taking photos of the things I have finished. Which has been my Tiramisu dress, and a couple pairs of undies from the Lacey Thong pattern available at Fehr Trade. The undies go together amazingly well, and were super easy to grade up one size. The one thing? I really dislike low rise thongs. They have their place, and the two pairs I made will be very useful, but they’re not something I can wear regularly!

I had purchased some fabrics with the intent of making more things. Two more Tiramisu dresses, a couple t-shirts, more underwear, and activewear tanks. Sadly, it’s been a no-go. Especially since I was unable to sit for about 3 weeks there, due to damage to a disc in my neck. Oh yeah. Don’t do it, people. I’m doing physio and stuff now to help fix it, and it must be working as the level of pain has reduced dramatically. But unfortunately it’s left me struggling to catch up with my school work.

Anyways. Activewear. There is hiking happening this summer, no matter what’s up with my neck or work or anything. I need hiking pants, some comfortable knit tank tops, leggings (easy) or yoga pants (not so easy), and a long sleeved over blouse thing. Oh, and underwear! Everyone in my family swears by Icebreaker wool undies, but they do not fit me! So IDK what to do about undies. Obviously I can make my own, but what style? What fabric? I should probably cover the elastic as well so it doesn’t chafe. I also have a couple metres of nice Malden fleece that I was thinking of making a quarter zip top with pockets out of. I’ll trace a pattern off of something I already have for that, though.

Hiking pants should be good due to the amazing pants block that I did with Steph at 3 Hours Past. I just need to decide on a style and get some decent quickdry fabric for them. I’m hoping for a nylon with some stretch. I also want pockets that zip, a super stable waistband (possibly with some elastic), and a front fly. No belts, since they tend to bother me under the pack.

Knit tank tops should be loose and comfortable, with nice wide straps that cover my bra. A higher neck is also good, as my favourite sports bra is ridiculously high on my short torso. I was looking at McCall’s 6359, but would need to make modifications to the racerback. Mostly I don’t want anything clingy, but it has to work in a knit. I have so many amazing wicking knits available to me here for super cheap, and I want to play with them all! This pattern by Tanit-Isis could work really well, too. I wonder if I have enough of that lightweight knit to make one up. My bust is bigger than the biggest size, but with a bit of a FBA, I think it’d work really well.

Leggings are simple. I’m drafting my own based on my leg measurements. I’m using some info from Pattern School, and some from this Etsy Blog on how to sew leggings. I need a couple short pairs, and maybe a couple long pairs. I have the fabric picked out, and it’s amazing. Hopefully I can get my serger to cooperate and do flat seams.

Blouse: Possibly the most difficult thing to make, wow. It needs to be loose and have some mesh inserts for air flow. It needs to protect me from the sun. It needs to actually mostly fit me, unlike 99% of the sports blouses available. Why, Columbia, do you not ship your plus sizes into Canada? That would make this SO much easier! This one is also good, with the vents in the back. YES. (I fib a bit. I can get last season’s Silver Ridge long sleeve plaid shirt in Canada. Online only.)

Undies: I have a feeling I’ll be perfecting my old skool high waisted undies pattern for wicking knits. I’ll need to bind the legs or somehow hide the elastic, so it doesn’t chafe. I had hopes for the Fehr Trade thong pattern, but I’d have to make a lot of alterations to make it Hiking Safe. I might see if I can mush it together with my other undies pattern though, to get something that works well for me. A thong with coverage from the hips to the waist? Maybe. Maybe not.

Plans, I have them. Now to see if there’s any follow-through left in my school-weary self.

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Tessuti Lily Linen Dress Pattern

Seen here.

I adore this style of dress, and I’m thinking about how I could make it work for me. I’d need to shorten it so it hit the knees. A full bust adjustment for sure, and probably a centre back seam so I could do a dress-style full bottom adjustment.

But… would it be worth it?

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So I was just going through the pictures I’ve taken of all the shorts and things I’ve made recently, and I realized… no wonder they look like they don’t fit. I’m SO swollen. So next week, once my body has settled down a bit, I’ll be re-doing the photos.

That way I’ll be able to do before-and-afters, so I can see how the fabric is relaxing through the day. Some of the pants feel like they gain a size, although I used twill tape in the top seam of the waistband so at least they don’t ever fall down!

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Yes.. yes, it was.

It was reading break at my school, and I ended up working a 6 hour day, a couple 8 hour days, and a 10 hour day. Then I disappeared to go visit my parents! I had planned on doing a bunch of sewing and cooking, and didn’t manage any of it.

My half circle skirt is complete, and I’m LOVING it. I wore it for 3 days straight! But unfortunately, the zipper is having some issues and I think I’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later.

This week is another busy week, but I have PLANS. I need to go purchase a couple more long zippers, and enough fabric for another half circle skirt. I also need to finish the trouser block, since I now have some trouser-weight material.

I’m excited! Hopefully it all works out.

4 pictures of sea lions on a floating dock.

I saw sea lions...

A photo of cookie-sized white-coloured almond meringues, with almonds sprinkled on top

I ate meringues.

Picture of ocean and sky with an island in the distance, and water trails churned up by a ferry.

And then I took the ferry home.

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