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Quite a few things have changed since I last posted. I’ve started doing some Medieval Recreation stuff again (yay!), I’m no longer working in #science, and currently I’m on a 3 month contract in an office where the dress code is a LOT more business than I’m used to! I’ve also started working on a Capsule Wardrobe for work, so I can always look professional and put-together, with minimal effort and thought. Partially born from not having enough clothes for work, and partially born because I’m lazy.

So Me Made May is going to be a bit different this year. I can’t wear all Me Made stuff all the time, as I haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and fit/sew stuff that suits the business vibe in the office. That being said, I do have some things that I wear regularly that I’ve made – a Moneta dress (omg I need more of these), a cardigan, a couple t-shirts. Other than that, everything is altered. A friend gave me suit jacket that needs to be altered, all my purchased (second hand!) skirts need to be altered, and I have a couple pairs of trousers that, yep, need to be altered.

I think my goal will be to wear Me-Mades/Altereds every day. This will be do-able if I actually make it to my sewing machine and sew up my test blouse today, and finish putting together the t-shirt I cut out 3 weeks ago. And make another Moneta, now that I’ve figured out the fit.

Another bit on the list is definitely – NEW BIKE SHORTS. You know, to wear under skirts for modesty and to prevent chaffing. But that’s another pattern I haven’t worked out yet, so it might not happen at all in May.


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