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I’m still thinking about the Mashup Dress. I have enough fabric, so I might re-cut the bodice starting with an XL and doing the 1″ (2″ total) FBA, as it just doesn’t feel right on. The skirt will also be re-cut so it doesn’t have the gathers at the waist and is instead more of a circle from the waist. It’s about 2/3 circle, I think. Really swishy and nice on its own.

But! That will have to wait, as I am working on making a 15th century-ish short sleeved kirtle with a waist seam! Yes, I know. Not really the modern clothes I’ve been trying to work on. But I have 2 weeks to make the kirtle, and then 1 more week to make a viking overdress for another event I might be going to. I will also need to find a lap table or something for my camping stove at that event, as I’m not sure if a kitchen will be going and I shouldn’t have my stove right on the ground. But that will be simple enough. The trick will be actually making the clothing items I need!

I’ve been doing a lot of research, and it looks like the short sleeved kirtle or cotehardie might not be exactly period, but it will be a lot more comfortable in the summer, and also easier to wear layered under things in the winter. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The part I’m most concerned about is hand sewing the button holes for the lacing. I haven’t done that in AGES, and don’t have a source for silk buttonhole twist. So I’ll be using regular top-stitching thread, doubled and waxed, for the button holes.

Ok. Got to get ironing. The bodice has been worked out based on a ’50s dress I made ages ago. I closed up the darts and did shaped panels under the arm. For a more early period option, I’d extend the skirt from those panels, but as I’m working with a cotton linen blend, I’m just going to chuck in a waist seam and attach a gored skirt there. If it works for me, I’ll make a more accurate one with long sleeves and shaped full length side panels out of wool. And as an underdress, the one with a waist seam should work for multiple periods. Maybe I’ll make a Mary of Hapsburg overdress one day!


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This feels really odd, this sewing costumes and wanting to document everything again.

Ahh well. It will be good for me. I hope.

Today I’m making a Renaissance shirt – very generic, out of white linen, to wear with those navy plus fours (thank goodness they still fit perfectly!), some white socks, and boots. My BFF and I are going to an event this weekend, and since my boobs are too big for most of my old dresses (it’s been a while since I’ve made anything!), the shirt-with-existing-pants seems like a good, swift option for a costume. No, not really accurate, but -ish enough, and comfortable.

I found this how-to at the Renaissance Tailor. It’s a little confusing, so I will include the measurements, what you should add for ease, my sketch, and what I think of the final product. I wish I had time to fuss with a shaped collar, but I don’t really so a straight one will do. I think I might also do a ruffle at the wrist, with ties and elastic, instead of pleating into a buttoned cuff. I hope to be able to wear this under my Italian Ren dresses once I get new ones made.

Now to iron the linen. Linen that’s been sitting in a bin on my shelving unit for years and years. Wish me luck!

(PS. Still sorbetto-ing. On muslin #2. Need to transfer front markings to pattern and re-cut that again. Then I need someone to pin out the back for me, which will happen on June 15.)

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I know, mending isn’t the most exciting thing around. Unfortunately, my mending/finishing pile has become so huge that I might actually double my wardrobe if I tackle it. So today (and tomorrow) I will be mending and finishing mostly completed projects.

I am going to turn the blue pants into shorts, because I don’t like the slim leg on my body shape. I have a linen tank top that needs to be finished, skirts that need the waistbands and zippers replaced, things that need patching, a pair of shorts that need a button… that sort of thing.

I also have a lovely 1980s kelly/emerald green ponte dress that I was going to turn into a skirt. But really, when will I ever wear a bright green skirt? At Christmas, with a red top? I think it would look great if I could figure out how to style the darn thing (midi length almost-circle skirt), but I’m totally stumped. (Maybe a navy top? IDK.)

After I’ve gotten through that mess, I need to work on my bodice block some more, and also make more pants and a couple every day skirts. I want a denim-look a-line out of the fabric I made the cloud shorts out of (Which fit their new owner so well she’s getting a tracing of the pattern! The difference is that she has an average crotch depth while I have a super long one.), and a colour blocked pencil skirt, with curved CF and CB panels to, I suppose, draw more attention to my shape. Considering I’d only wear it with untucked tops, I’m not too worried about extra attention.

Another thing I need to consider is the fact that my BFF is getting back into historical recreation stuff, and we’re going to an event in September. I need to pull out all my costumes, and wash and repair them. They should all still fit, because I did Italian Renn and my rib cage hasn’t gotten any bigger. But one of the dresses pinches my shoulders, so I should re-shape the armholes, and another has faded terribly (Orange dress, hunter green overdress. WOO! Pumpkin!) so I should probably pick up some idye and try dying it in the washer. I need to take my blackwork collar off my muslin blouse as well, since that fabric was getting super worn. The last time I wore anything was for Halloween a while back – I dressed as a zombie victim of the Bubonic plague, with buboes drawn on with makeup, and a plastic pet rat.

So yeah. I’ve laid out an action plan. Now I need to get into action and actually do the stuff I want and need to do. Classes start again on Monday, and it feels like I’ve wasted most of the last month. If only I could have ‘wasted’ it while laying on a beach in the tropics, sipping on fruity drinks and reading novels!

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