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I went camping this past weekend and wore my new multi-period underdress! Alas, I overfit it somewhat and need to open up the seams and insert some gores. Whoops. Otherwise, it was very comfortable. The arm holes didn’t bind, the sleeves were comfy, and my phone fit down the front between the dress and chemise, under my jacket and blanket and hood… yes, it was REALLY cold all weekend.

War in the Distance

War in the Distance

Which brings me to a new requirement. Wooly garb. I went to the thrift shop yesterday and picked up a length of teal wool that should be enough for an underdress, and a length of grey wool that was perfect for a Viking apron dress.

The Viking apron dress is already made. I bound the top edge with rust linen, and attached buttons instead of using (really expensive) proper apron pins. I will need to stitch down all the long seams by hand, and hem it (…probably by machine!) so I can wear it and be warmer this coming weekend.

Fish buttons on apron dress

Fish buttons on apron dress

I’m also re-building a smock I made years and years ago, as I never finished the seams and it’s come apart in multiple places in the wash. This means unpicking, ironing, sewing the seams back up, top stitching them down (all by machine for this one!), and adding in a couple panels for width due to the loss of width with the new seam allowances. It’s worth it, though, as this one is of a silk/linen blend that is absolutely dreamy to wear.

So that’s what I’m working on this week – altering the new dress, finishing the Viking dress, and fixing an old smock. For this coming weekend I do have undertunics that will work for the Viking dress, but the extra layer of the smock would probably be appreciated! Hopefully I can get it all done in time.


Scenery – this was after I had walked about 2km, and I was still cold.


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