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Well hello there.

I realize I haven’t finished updating Me Made May yet, and I do apologize. The photos are on my camera, which I put “somewhere safe” after going camping with my parents (I did wear me-mades camping!) and yeah. I feel kind of silly about that. What I really need to do is get a tripod clamp for my phone, as it’s SO easy to edit and upload the photos from my phone. Then writing a post on my computer to get proper formatting isn’t so difficult.

Something I’ve been thinking about is lighting. There really isn’t anywhere outside my apartment, so I kind of want to get some better lighting so my photos aren’t so dark and grainy. I’m leaning towards some construction lights with paper or fabric diffusers on them, for cheapness and because they seem like they’d be easier to store. My budget is practically nil, and proper lights are expensive and fairly difficult to get here. Mostly because ordering online would be best, but I don’t have a passport so I can’t get to a US post box!

I’ll be sure to update with some research and what I end up deciding on once I get to that point!

Anyone use special lighting for their photos?


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