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Pin-Easing Sleeves

I don’t know where I first saw this. Such an AMAZING tip, since sometimes gathering sleeves to ease them in can transform a make from 1 hour to 2.


See that, see ALL those pins? Ok. So line up your front and back marks, they’re usually about 1/4 in from the side seam. Pin to the side seam. Line up the seam mark with the seam. Then start dividing and pinning. My seam allowance was 5/8″, so I pinned right through the seam allowance.


Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous. And it is best to sew through the pins, so wear safety goggles if it makes you nervous (Or clear glasses of some sort. Anything to protect those eyes!).

I have to give a huge thanks to whichever blog it was I read however long ago that detailed this method. It’s been a while, since I don’t tend to make things with set in sleeves, but wow. It’s made such a difference to my attitude towards woven blouses!

Hope this helps, and happy sewing!


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No, I haven’t forgotten about sewing. Mostly I’ve been too busy with other things, like work, to spend time sewing.

The denim look I mentioned in the last post got made into leggings, but I mis-marked the calf area of the pattern so I cut them off into shorts to wear under skirts. I’ve made another pair of leggings, and just got fabric to make 3 more pairs plus another pair of shorts (hopefully!).

The Hummingbird skirt I made ate the two slips I tried under it, and even stuck to the shorts I wear under skirts in the summer. It’s sitting in the “out” pile, and instead I’m wearing the *&^% out of a Hummingbird I made out of some black-and-white linen twill. SO nice. So comfy. Pockets are so perfect. Especially when lined with ghosts that look like sperms.

I made the PJ top (Grainline Scout), but it wasn’t a good fit and I couldn’t get the pattern to work without darts, so I just re-printed the front yesterday and did an FBA with darts. I’ll be making another PJ top soon to test that out. I’ve got to get my Hello Kitty PJs made! :)

The caramel knit was made into a Scout Tee, but I mucked up the neckline and need to re-do it. And also hem it level, IDK what I was doing with those pattern adjustments, but WOW. That is one messed up t-shirt. The fabric is lovely and swingy though, and I hope to do a twisted neckline like Sigrid shows here. I’ll add black bands to cuff the sleeves so it looks like it was done on purpose.

I’ve made TWO Belcarra blouses, with darted FBA’s, a 5/8″ petite adjustment above the bust, plus 5/8″ taken out of the front shoulder seam as a “forward shoulder adjustment”. The original blouse with just the FBA works, but the other adjustments just make it perfect. I have fabric for at least one more every day blouse, plus some silk charmeuse I need to find matching lace for, since I don’t have enough for sleeves.

And today I went out and purchased fabric to make a Cambie. I’m thinking the one with the full skirt will work better for my fabric. (So many great dresses here and here and here!) I got the purpley with orange and coral version, and have only seen dresses made up of the green version. Fingers crossed it turns out super amazingly awesome. Even though I’m out of her size range, Tasia’s patterns work really well with the application of an FBA. I’ll definitely be doing one (or two!) practice runs.

I’ll get some pictures up at some point. It might just end up being from my phone, but something is definitely better than nothing.

Hope your sewing is going well!

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