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This feels really odd, this sewing costumes and wanting to document everything again.

Ahh well. It will be good for me. I hope.

Today I’m making a Renaissance shirt – very generic, out of white linen, to wear with those navy plus fours (thank goodness they still fit perfectly!), some white socks, and boots. My BFF and I are going to an event this weekend, and since my boobs are too big for most of my old dresses (it’s been a while since I’ve made anything!), the shirt-with-existing-pants seems like a good, swift option for a costume. No, not really accurate, but -ish enough, and comfortable.

I found this how-to at the Renaissance Tailor. It’s a little confusing, so I will include the measurements, what you should add for ease, my sketch, and what I think of the final product. I wish I had time to fuss with a shaped collar, but I don’t really so a straight one will do. I think I might also do a ruffle at the wrist, with ties and elastic, instead of pleating into a buttoned cuff. I hope to be able to wear this under my Italian Ren dresses once I get new ones made.

Now to iron the linen. Linen that’s been sitting in a bin on my shelving unit for years and years. Wish me luck!

(PS. Still sorbetto-ing. On muslin #2. Need to transfer front markings to pattern and re-cut that again. Then I need someone to pin out the back for me, which will happen on June 15.)


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This pattern is annoying the snot out of me. My bust is 44″ (or so. It varies 1/2″ up or down depending on the bra and the day!), and the size 18 on the pattern is supposed to fit a 44″ bust, with a finished measurement of 47″.

Uhh, no. The back fits fine (surprise!), but the front is significantly small. I don’t get it! I’ve even triple checked that it printed at the right size!

Time to go back to the drawing board, do a slight FBA on that front pattern piece, then make it up again to see what to do about those bust darts. They end right on my bust point, which is hilarious. I need to move them back at least an inch, but maybe 1.5″.

Oh, and I need to do a petite back length adjustment (Above the armscye! ACK!), and a full bottom/sway back adjustment. But I think those can wait till I have the front fitting in a non-squishing manner.

I’m currently looking for work, as well as working 2 part time jobs, and finishing a paper for a class. So. Busy. So little money. And what do I need? Professional clothing. Hrm.

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