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I made a skirt!

I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks, actually. A few years ago a friend made me a skirt pattern with a flippy back, so I decided to resurrect it so it matched my new measurements. Only the fabric I chose apparently has a LOT of stretch, so it hung out waiting for me to take it in about 4″. And then I didn’t have any invisible zips, so I had to find the time to get to the store to buy some.

So I put the zip in and the waistband on last night, only to discover it’s still too big in the waist. It’s going back on the sewing machine, and next week my job will be to remove the waistband and zipper and take it in another inch or two in the waist. And this time I need to measure the waistband instead of trusting that the pattern measurement will be correct. Hmph.

(The skirt is really comfy, and I put a quarter circle gore panel thinger in the back, so there’s lots of room for dancing and climbing ladders. I definitely like it, but if I wore it now it would annoy me by sliding down and giving me muffin top.)

I’ll post pictures of what I mean next week, too. I love this shape of skirt, as it’s a pencil skirt from the front with a subtle party in the back.


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Go, Tiramisu, go!

So excited. Steph posted a guide to choosing pattern pieces that could actually be my measurements, so I’m going to try it with my magenta coloured French terry, and make a shirt (hopefully) this week. I’m still trying to finish a course (yay for extensions?) so I don’t have a lot of sewing time yet, but I’d really like a couple new tops and a dress for Christmas.

Ooo. Maybe even something for my mom. I’ll have to get her to send me her measurements. Although really, my dad is the one I always have problems finding things for. Sadly, I don’t think a Tiramisu would suit his everyday life.

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