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I know, mending isn’t the most exciting thing around. Unfortunately, my mending/finishing pile has become so huge that I might actually double my wardrobe if I tackle it. So today (and tomorrow) I will be mending and finishing mostly completed projects.

I am going to turn the blue pants into shorts, because I don’t like the slim leg on my body shape. I have a linen tank top that needs to be finished, skirts that need the waistbands and zippers replaced, things that need patching, a pair of shorts that need a button… that sort of thing.

I also have a lovely 1980s kelly/emerald green ponte dress that I was going to turn into a skirt. But really, when will I ever wear a bright green skirt? At Christmas, with a red top? I think it would look great if I could figure out how to style the darn thing (midi length almost-circle skirt), but I’m totally stumped. (Maybe a navy top? IDK.)

After I’ve gotten through that mess, I need to work on my bodice block some more, and also make more pants and a couple every day skirts. I want a denim-look a-line out of the fabric I made the cloud shorts out of (Which fit their new owner so well she’s getting a tracing of the pattern! The difference is that she has an average crotch depth while I have a super long one.), and a colour blocked pencil skirt, with curved CF and CB panels to, I suppose, draw more attention to my shape. Considering I’d only wear it with untucked tops, I’m not too worried about extra attention.

Another thing I need to consider is the fact that my BFF is getting back into historical recreation stuff, and we’re going to an event in September. I need to pull out all my costumes, and wash and repair them. They should all still fit, because I did Italian Renn and my rib cage hasn’t gotten any bigger. But one of the dresses pinches my shoulders, so I should re-shape the armholes, and another has faded terribly (Orange dress, hunter green overdress. WOO! Pumpkin!) so I should probably pick up some idye and try dying it in the washer. I need to take my blackwork collar off my muslin blouse as well, since that fabric was getting super worn. The last time I wore anything was for Halloween a while back – I dressed as a zombie victim of the Bubonic plague, with buboes drawn on with makeup, and a plastic pet rat.

So yeah. I’ve laid out an action plan. Now I need to get into action and actually do the stuff I want and need to do. Classes start again on Monday, and it feels like I’ve wasted most of the last month. If only I could have ‘wasted’ it while laying on a beach in the tropics, sipping on fruity drinks and reading novels!


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