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These, I like. As I said previously, I need to add some room in the rise so they fit at the most comfortable spot on my waist. Still, they are comfy.

This is the SECOND me-made outfit I’ve worn this week! I’m so proud of myself. The last one I wore was my grey linen shorts (in the wash, so no pic yet) with an old lavender linen tunic.

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee and old Keen sandals

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

Black bermuda length shorts with bright coral Blank Canvas Tee

And as a bonus, here’s one of the cats. This one has been with me since he was a wee kitten that fit in my palm (I KNOW!). He’s 10 now, and is the stupidest cat I’ve ever met. Still, <3.

Holding my black cat...

Holding my black cat… (Don’t let him get away!)


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Today I sewed a pair of trousers, and a pair of bermuda shorts. YAY! They’re both black, so they’ll be fun to take photos of, I’m sure.

When I took the trousers to the tailor to get them hemmed (because I can’t mark my own hem, and it’s only $7 for an invisible stitching job!), she was seriously impressed at both the fit, and the fact that I managed to get the invisible zip in perfectly. She said that I’m the first person she’s seen who’s able to do their own invisible zippers… and she’s been working in the theatre biz, as well as doing tailoring, for years.

And then she saw the inside, with the beige serger thread, and the grey stitches. Haha. IDK what to say to defend my choices, except that a) I’m lazy, and b) I’m out of black thread!

She really wanted to improve the fit by making them not quite so wide-legged, so the next version I make will be slightly slimmer – more boot cut than wide leg. I just really like wide legs in the summer, because as you walk you get a delicious breeze.

The shorts are based off of an old pair, that I cut apart to use as a pattern. From the old shorts, I thought I only needed to raise the rise about 1 cm, but that wasn’t true at all. The fabric that I’ve used is a stretch twill, while the originals were made out of a stretch linen. I’m guessing there was a lot more vertical stretch in the old shorts! Ahh well. They do fit, and are much more comfortable than any commercial shorts I’ve been trying on recently. For the next pair I need to give myself another inch, as per my trouser block! I might also add 1/4″ to each side seam (for 1″), just in case the next fabric I choose isn’t quite as stretchy, or even as forgiving of lumps and bumps.

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Yay! Shorts!

I realize I still have to take photos to post, but my camera battery is dead..

My grey linen shorts with slash pockets are DONE. I’m wearing them right now! I ended up deciding to go with shorts instead of plus-fours, as 1) 1.5m is not enough for me to make plus-fours without piecing and 2) bermuda shorts are more office-casual, and I’m looking for office work right now.

I’m not terribly happy with my zipper insertion, and the pockets just didn’t quite work. However, these are things that other people won’t notice, so I’m not worrying about it! I ended up unpicking the invisible zip I had in the CB seam, adding interfacing, and putting in a centred zip. The end of it is visible below shirts and blouses, as my waist-to-hip difference is quite a bit, so the zipper has to be long enough for me to get the pants off! I’m not terribly worried about it, though. The shorts fit, they’re reinforced at the seams, they’re hemmed evenly, and they are so comfortable. Linen rocks, especially when it’s a good quality linen.

Tomorrow evening I’m either making another blank canvas tee (A bit more a-line than fitted, though.) or working on my bodice block some more. A new tee to wear hiking this weekend would be nice, but I really need to get the bodice block done, so I can make some blouses for my work wardrobe. IDK.

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Just a note…

Slash pockets are evil. No matter what I do, they buckle! I’ve had to take everything apart and adjust the pockets while the shorts/plus-fours were on my body. Still not perfect, but definitely a lot better.

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I’ve been in a bit (hah!) of a funk since I managed to finish my condensed courses this summer. Unfortunately, I still have a distance course to finish… one that I’m not loving at all.

Some good news is that I have a new job, one that could end up being full time if the lab expands as they’re hoping. It’s just secretarial, but I don’t mind. The hours are flexible, the work isn’t terribly hard, and it pays decently.

Other good news is that I’ve started sewing again! Last night I sewed up another Blank Canvas Tee that had been sitting around waiting for almost 2 months. Unfortunately I cut it out wrong, and the material really sucks, so it’s going to be an “around the house tee”, but that’s OK.

Right now I’m working out my grey linen plus fours. I didn’t get enough fabric (Apparently I need 1.7m instead of 1.5m!), so I’ll need to do some piecing around the knees. I’m thinking of putting a panel with pleats or something in for articulation on the front leg, but I’m not totally convinced. I’ll have to play with it a bit, which is something I was hoping to avoid! These ones will zip up in the centre back, and will have pockets if I have enough fabric.

Anyways, I should probably go re-thread my serger. Foolish cat has been stepping over it on the way to the window, and has pulled all the threads out. NOOOOO…. I might have to put “serger cover” on my list of things to sew.

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