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Yes.. yes, it was.

It was reading break at my school, and I ended up working a 6 hour day, a couple 8 hour days, and a 10 hour day. Then I disappeared to go visit my parents! I had planned on doing a bunch of sewing and cooking, and didn’t manage any of it.

My half circle skirt is complete, and I’m LOVING it. I wore it for 3 days straight! But unfortunately, the zipper is having some issues and I think I’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later.

This week is another busy week, but I have PLANS. I need to go purchase a couple more long zippers, and enough fabric for another half circle skirt. I also need to finish the trouser block, since I now have some trouser-weight material.

I’m excited! Hopefully it all works out.

4 pictures of sea lions on a floating dock.

I saw sea lions...

A photo of cookie-sized white-coloured almond meringues, with almonds sprinkled on top

I ate meringues.

Picture of ocean and sky with an island in the distance, and water trails churned up by a ferry.

And then I took the ferry home.


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