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Yes, I got distracted.

First, I was knitting while studying for an exam, and now I am working on making a new skirt. I realized that I’ve been wearing the same stretch pencil skirt almost constantly (with breaks for washing!), and decided I should make a few more so I can rotate my clothes and they last longer.

I found this lovely green stretch something in my stash – I think my Grandma gave it to me – and I’ve decided to line it with nylon tricot. I don’t know what I was thinking. The tricot is horrible to work with! It curls quite dramatically. So what I’ve done is sewn the darts into my skirt, and laid it out flat onto the tricot, which I’ve carefully unrolled. The skirt front is pinned to the tricot here, and I’m debating whether I should cut then sew them together, or sew then cut. I’ll probably cut with extra room for curling, then sew.

As you can see, I’ve already sewn the darts for my skirt front (unevenly, which I probably should have fixed..). I’m not worried about the fit because the tricot is MUCH stretchier than my fabric. Actually, since the pattern was drafted for wovens, I’ll probably need to take it in by at least an inch on each side seam. But I’ll deal with that once everything is sewn together!


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So I have undertaken a quest to draft and make a dress.

I saw a post on A Dress A Day featuring Simplicity 1577. It was love at first sight. The shaping, the pockets, the awesome seersucker. I haven’t been able to find a copy of the pattern near my size, though, so I’m going to make my own based off a dress bodice pattern I have already fit and made.

Things to change:

  • Higher neckline
  • Collar draft
  • 2 underbust darts instead of one
  • Sleeve draft – either cut-on, or set-in 3/4
  • Skirt draft (with pockets!)

I will probably do a midriff band that is 1 to 2″ tall. This will be to give some waist definition, and allow me to wear both skinny and wide belts with the dress. It will also make it less necessary to accurately match seams.

So. Where do I start?

The mess that is my sewing table.

Right. I should clean this disaster up. (The purple is going to be a blouse, because I’m also trying to fit a blouse pattern. The other pile of paper includes a pencil skirt draft that needs to be made up, since I’m currently living in my two pencil skirts.)

Wax paper pattern of my favourite dress bodice.

OK. So here’s the bodice pattern I’m starting with. Yes, it’s wax paper. It’s see-through and cheap, and I got the idea from The Snug Bug. It works very well, but I really should transfer my “master patterns” to cardstock.

… more later!

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